Join us July 5th & 6th at Sawyer Point in downtown Cincinnati, OH for a free admission event hosting over 10 food vendor varieties, 4 local breweries and an array craft vending. The event will be hosted at the P & G Pavillion at Sawyer Point. Admission to the event is entirely FREE and all ages are allowed and encouraged.

We offer a huge vareity of local food vendors to satisfy a broad range of tastes and preferences. 'Cheat day' and healthy options both available to create the biggest food menu ever hosted at Paradise! If you are going to the Cincinnati Reds game, this is a great walk up food option to enjoy on the way to or from the game without making a reservation.

The array of craft beer & Seltzer selections will be brought to you by four of the top local breweries. The following menu will be available for purchase to those of legal drinking age and during hours of operation.

Musical acts ranging from local bands to nationally recognized talent, will be joining us both July 5th and 6th for two full days of music, beer and fun!!

If you are looking to meet the band, catch some shade and enjoy catered meals in the private VIP tent and viewing area, check out our VIP amenities below.